2,500+ new features available from Adstra Consumer Essentials on the Nitrogen.ai marketplace.

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nitrogen.ai today announced that data products from Adstra, the first Data Bureau designed to help marketers orchestrate the application of data to all dimensions of their efforts, are now available on the Nitrogen.ai marketplace platform.

Using the Nitrogen.ai platform, data scientists can identify and evaluate features derived from multiple data sets of interest and quickly harness the most relevant ones using a suite of tools. This simplified feature discovery process allows data scientist to focus the lion’s share of their time on modeling and analytics.

“Adstra’s Data Bureau builds upon and expands the excellent reputation the company has long enjoyed as a go-to source for marketers;” says Doug Grimsted, CEO of Nitrogen.ai. “Extracting geographic level features from Adstra’s Data Bureau further enhances the Nitrogen.ai feature marketplace and fuels analytics to better understand consumer behavior within both existing target markets and discovering new market opportunities.”

Adstra’s team is focused on enabling brands and advertisers to get more out of their existing marketing and customer experience technologies and campaigns, by better orchestrating the use of data and identity consistently across media.

“Nitrogen.ai is doing exciting work in the post-pandemic data landscape, and we’re very pleased to have them as a partner,” said Anne Doherty, CRO of Adstra. “Our Data Bureau dovetails well with Nitrogen.ai’s core technology, and customers will be able to see the results for themselves.”


Adstra is the new data model for the data-driven enterprise. Adstra comprises a comprehensive suite of portable data and identity solutions, offered via an all-inclusive subscription-based model that liberates brands to realize the incremental value from their data without worrying about incremental costs. No other data provider bridges the gaps between PII and anonymized data with the same speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and frictionless portability across all media.


Nitrogen.ai is creating the world’s largest AI data science feature marketplace, a platform created for data scientists to allow them to discover and evaluate tens of thousands of external features across myriad datasets. Our platform meets the need for friction-free feature discovery and acquisition complete with search and analytic tools that quickly identify candidate features that may improve model accuracy and analytic outcomes. Selected features are automatically combined for purchase on a one time and/or ongoing subscription basis. Data Science teams/advanced analytic groups can gain access and more information by visiting www.Nitrogen.ai.

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