Listing Guidelines

Listing Guidelines

What is the Features Marketplace?

The,(“we,” “us,” “our”) Features Marketplace (“Marketplace”) is a platform (a website located at (the “Platform”) and service (the “Service”) that makes it easy for authorized data users (“Subscribers”) to discover external features for use in their analysis and modeling efforts.

As a Subscriber, you can find and subscribe to selected features from among the many thousands of features available within the Platform.   You can search for individual features using the Platform’s search tools.  You can also use our correlation engine and load your own dependent variable(s) and then quickly explore features extracted from myriad datasets offered by qualified data providers on the Platform.  Then, you can quickly publish the features you select and use them in your analysis and modeling efforts.   Any Subscriber can select and publish features on a pay-as-you-go basis.   In the Marketplace, you can publish only those features of interest to you and not entire datasets.

For data providers, the Features Marketplace brings together data buyers and your feature offers in an easy-to-use environment that is built with data scientists in mind.  Providers in the Marketplace have a secure, transparent, and reliable channel to reach a wide market of people seeking to perform analysis and create models.  The process for becoming a Marketplace data provider is ever evolving; as we continue to grow the Marketplace, you can learn more information about becoming a data seller at

What are Features?

A feature is a measurable piece of data that a data scientist models.   It is also known as a variable or often more simply, as a column.  The Marketplace displays individual features in a “tile” (and/or tabular) format.   Each “tile” tile represents three columns: the feature itself, location and date.   When Subscriber choses to create a publication, the platform combines all the selected features using the granularity of the “tile” designated as primary and all other tiles are left-joined to create a single data frame for data scientists or analysts to use.  Aggregation methods are explicitly defined within each tile.

The Marketplace features are the unit of exchange that is made available for use to Subscribers.  A feature has the following parts:

  • Feature details– This information includes the feature name, description, geography and time components, update frequency, data provider and specific source details (some providers offer multiple sources), the data provider/source logo image,  taxonomy placement, aggregation rules, pricing, a citation  and links to the data provider documentation.
  • Feature offer– In order for a Subscriber to publish a set of features they need to agree to the feature offer which is made at the point of publication.  This offer includes price, subscription duration, Marketplace Platform Agreement acceptance and acceptance of commercial feature offers that are included in any specific publication. .

Supported features

The Marketplace takes a responsible approach to facilitating feature data use by promoting transparency through use of the Service. The Marketplace reviews permitted feature types, restricting features that are not permitted or otherwise inconsistent with the Marketplace Acceptable Use Policy. Providers are limited to distributing features that meet the legal eligibility requirements set forth in the Terms and Conditions for Marketplace Sellers.

For more information about permitted data types, see’s Publishing Guidelines, which appear later in this document


As a Marketplace Subscriber, you are encouraged to conduct your own due diligence to ensure compliance with any applicable data privacy laws.  It is our strict policy to abide by and comply with applicable laws.  If you suspect any feature is being used for wrongfully or illegally, we ask that you report it by submitting notification to


How the Features Marketplace works

Within the Marketplace, data providers’ offer various features and Subscribers subscribe to these features based on agreement with feature offers.

How to Subscribe to Features

At a high level, your customer journey through our Features Marketplace will involve the following steps:

  1. Potential Subscribers can browse select sections of the platform without login or subscription. Features are listed at  You can see and browse many of the features available and get a sense of the Platform prior to creating an account.
  2. Potential Subscribers submit a request for an account.  In order to begin to use and explore the Platform in a free trial mode, you must create an account.   You can set it up at the following address:  Once an account has been created additional features will become visible as certain data providers only allow registered users to view their features.
  3. Account Owner Uses Platform to Discover Features of Interest to Their Needs. Search tools are free to explore.  If you choose to use our correlation tool, we charge for each correlation that you run and these charges are identified for each feature.   Our standard two-week free trial offers you up to 10,000 correlations without charge.  Once you exceed the free trial limit, you will be required to provide billing details to continue to execute correlations on the Platform.
  4. Subscriber uses the Platform to Publish. You determine which features you want to publish based on the feature offers presented.   You gain publication access to the features once you accept the Feature Offers and any associated Data Subscription Agreement(s).  You then publish these features using the Platform.
  5. Repeat for each New Project Requiring Features.  Once you have an account, you simply need to add funds to cover the cost of any future correlations and publications that you accept as feature offers while accepting any associated new Data Subscription Agreements.  You will be able to decide how you will like to purchase.  You can pay-as-you-go based upon consumption pricing or pre-paid pricing when you accept a Feature Offer from us.
  6. Cancellations and Refunds.   If you opt for pre-paid pricing and you terminate a Data Subscription Agreement, you may be eligible for a pro-rated refund based upon unused amounts remaining of any pre-payments.

How to Provide Feature Offers for Sale via the Platform

At a high level, this is how to use Features Marketplace as a provider.

  1. Potential provider registers to be contacted by Presently our self-serve approach to becoming a provider is not yet released.   For more information, see Register to Be a Provider.
  2. The feature offers must be eligible to be made available on the Marketplace You’re limited to distributing features that meet the legal eligibility requirements set forth in the Terms and Conditions for Marketplace Sellers  For more information about the types of permitted data, see the Publishing Guidelines section of this document.
  3. Provider works with Marketplace onboarding team to create feature sets and arrange to load features on the platform. 
  4. Provider works with Marketplace onboarding team to create Feature Offers and ensure Data Subscription Agreements are in place. You are responsible for your Marketplace content.   You will establish the pricing, license rights and other terms governing Marketplace customers’ use of Your Marketplace Content.  If you do not specify license rights for Your Marketplace Content, then you agree to license your Marketplace content to Subscribers under the terms of our Standard Data Subscription Agreement.
  5. The Marketplace onboarding team integrates your marketplace content into the platform. Once features are made available on the Platform, they are then present for search, correlation and publication to Marketplace customers subject to any requirements set forth in the specific Terms and Conditions for Marketplace Sellers Agreement.
  6. Provider reviews reports concerning use of features on the Platform. Reports are released on monthly basis.
  7. Provider receives funds distributed by ai  At the end of each month, we will pay you as set forth in the specific Terms and Conditions for Marketplace Sellers Agreement.

Programmatic Access

If you’re using the features marketplace programmatically, there is a set of resources with APIs that can be found at

Publishing Guidelines

The following guidelines outline restrictions for listing features on the Features Marketplace.  As a provider, you are responsible for complying with these guidelines and the Terms and Conditions for Marketplace Sellers Agreement. may update these guidelines from time to time. At its discretion, may remove any product that breaches these guidelines and may suspend the provider from future use of the Marketplace. Publishing Guidelines for Features Data

  1. Your features offered may not contain any illegal content, viruses, malware, or any other material that is harmful to others.
  2. Your features offered may not include information that can be used to identify any person, unless that information is already legally available to the public. Permitted examples include newspaper articles, open court records, public company filings, or public online profiles.
  3. The following categories of information must be aggregated or anonymized so that no person in your features offered can be identified: biometric or genetic data, health, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex or sexual orientation, trade union membership, personal payment or financial information (for example, credit history), or other similar categories of sensitive information.
  4. You should carefully consider how Subscribers may and may not use features offered, and you should clearly include this information in your Data Subscription Agreement.
  5. You are responsible for ensuring that all Feature Offer descriptions are accurate, contain valid contact information for you as the provider, and note if any data has been aggregated or anonymized.
  6. You should regularly review the Platform’s Acceptable Use Policy and ensure that you are otherwise in compliance with such policy.

If you have questions about the eligibility of your Feature Offers, you should contact and collaborate with the Marketplace onboarding team to resolve any concerns.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is biometric or genetic data; health data; racial or ethnic origin; political opinions; religious or philosophical beliefs; sex or sexual orientation; trade union membership; personal payment or financial information (for example, credit history); or other similar categories of personal information.

If your product contains sensitive information, you must acknowledge that it cannot be used to identify a person.  You must ensure that the sensitive data in your product is properly anonymized, de-identified, or aggregated such that the information is no longer identifying for any individuals.  Potential customers must be notified that the features offered contains sensitive information that has been appropriately anonymized, de-identified, or aggregated.  Display of a message in the feature offer is required for such notification.


Listing of a product with sensitive information that has not been anonymized, de-identified, or aggregated, or incorrectly acknowledging the state of sensitive data in your product, is a violation of our publishing guidelines and we may remove any features offered that breaches these guidelines.  In such instance, we reserve our right to suspend the provider from future use of the Marketplace.

Feature Details

When you create feature offers on the Marketplace, you must provide features details as identified herein. This section covers some best practices to consider when you’re preparing feature details for use on the Marketplace.

Feature Name

Subscribers will search for features based on both taxonomy and keywords.  As such, feature names ought to be in English and meaningful.


The feature description text appears within each ‘tile’ within the Marketplace.   We recommend that you provide a concise description of your feature so that a potential subscriber can understand, at a high level, what the feature is about.

Additional Descriptions

Subscribers also see the provider name, the data source name and a logo of the data provider on each ‘tile’.   Branding your feature offers is encouraged to enhance the clarity for the Subscriber of where each feature is from.

The data provider or data source logo appears on each ‘tile’ and in the Marketplace sources listing. The supported formats for the logo include jpeg, .gif, .png, .SVG, BMP, BMP ico, and png ico.   Images require a minimum of 90 * 90- and a maximum of 200 * 200.   Transparent images are acceptable.

Each feature ‘tile’ also specifies the geography level, time period and frequency of update.  The Marketplace onboarding team will work with you to ensure these terms are consistent with the overall Marketplace definitions.

Aggregation rules that permit the joining of each feature to every other feature within the Platform will be established for each feature and displayed as part of the ‘tile’.    A taxonomy placement will be provided for each feature offered with an understanding that the Marketplace taxonomy is constantly being reviewed so placements may change from time to time.

Pricing that has been established for each feature offer will also appear on each ‘tile’.

We make it possible for you to provide a link within each ‘tile’ that takes a Subscriber who desires more information to the documentation you feel best supports the features being offered.   We encourage you to be diligent in deciding where to send interested Subscribers and not to simply use a general URL for this purpose.

Should you wish to provide a citation or require the use of one as part of your Data Subscription Agreement, each ‘tile’ should include this citation as well.

Support Contact

As a provider, you must include valid contact information. This can be a managed email alias or case management system link for customers to use to get help when they have questions about your feature offer.  We strongly recommend that you don’t use a personal email address because this address will be publicly visible and accessible by users of the Platform.

Contacting Us

If you have any other questions about our Listing Guidelines, please contact us through our website, email us at or write us at, LLC, 20 N. Wacker Dr., # 1200, Chicago, IL 60606.