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Today, strategic consulting is becoming even more data intensive and data science centric.  This requires consultants to stay more entangled with their customers, who have an insatiable appetite for unique and thought-provoking insights that help them better compete. This has become more challenging in pandemic times when “face to face” interactions have become dramatically curtailed versus the traditional “walking the hall” client interactions.


Strengthen existing client engagements and expand consulting engagements across other client divisions while not being on-site as often.


Using the platform, which connects them to a world of data assets, the consultant can quickly discover and deliver relevant data features, bringing new learning and business implications to the client.    The approach combines a variety of data sources that have been difficult to access or even completely inaccessible making it possible to quickly discover relevant features that can be both surprising and provocative, allowing a deeper connection with clients.    Today, it is even more important to increase marketplace understanding through accessing a wider range of data to navigate through turbulent times.


The consultant, being better equipped to consistently raise interesting issues and opportunities becomes an even more valued partner, being included more often in strategic client discussions, leading to incremental consulting engagements.