You know your models and analytics are missing variables
we can tell you which ones.

You have questions … We have answers
In other words …
You have Y’s … We have X’s

How it Works

Upload your “Y”
(Dependent Variable)

Review your
emailed preview summary

Interactively analyze
detailed correlations

Select and
publish X’s

Upload your “Y”

Bring us a “Y” data file – your dependent variable – that expresses a
question you have, usually a .CSV. Like customer complaints,
or sales by month by product by store. These might be
questions that you want to better understand. These
are questions you already monitor in your analytics
platforms that you know impact your business in
meaningful ways: time series revenues by zip code,
customer service requests, etc.

We send you a
summary preview of the results

We deliver an interactive experience
with one row per external signal and these columns

  • External signal name, source and provider

  • Time granularity (daily, weekly…)

  • Correlation with your signal
  • Rows in common with your signal when joined
    by time and geography

  • Multivariate regression rank

  • Three-level taxonomy description
  • Geography granularity (census tracts, zip code, county…)

  • Correlation absolute value
  • Link to an interactive graph versus your signal

Interactive graphs that compare your
signal to our external signals, point by point.

Target Data Tile – Chocolate 2017 Sales

Select the DataTiles you want to work with, join
them to your “Y”, and deliver them as CSV files,
or into your data pipeline.

To Get Started – Send us your “Y”

Please contact us for further details on how to upload your“Y”
and see what Big Correlate can do for you.