A data lake purpose-built for analytics

Finally, competing on analytics is a reality
with the Nitrogen.ai Feature Lake

Discover relevant analytic inputs quickly from
your data, commercial data, and partner data.
All in one place.

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Your feature lake designed to make you an analytics data powerhouse

The Nitrogen.ai platform combines collaborative data sharing and effective access to public and commercial data so you can finally compete with data powerhouses like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others. We offer managed services based on the specific requirements for your feature lake.

The Nitrogen.ai Feature Lake opens up
a world of data you’ve never been able to access


Our unique approach to managing data sharing

We combine the governance and trust of a data catalog with the analytic power and convenience of a data lake that is purpose-built for analytics.

Shared Data

Among your ecosystem of partners for improved collaboration.

Enterprise Data

Features derived from your internal data assets.

Monetized Data

By enterprises who rely on our tightly governed data exchange to monetize data for analytics.

We manage the sharing of data so you can:

Build Better Models


Get Better Answers


Drive Better Results

The Nitrogen.ai Feature Lake
Why features?

The Nitrogen.ai Feature Lake offers features, sometimes known as variables or inputs, all specifically organized for analytics and data science. This approach enables quick discovery of relevant inputs to improve your analytic outcomes.
Our data catalog allows users to find individual features. For example, foot traffic at a Jiffy Lube across zip codes each week for the past two years or web search behavior for auto repair shops.

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Our feature lake comes stocked with interesting, surprising and highly actionable public & commercial data features:

Feature Selection

With all this additional data, how do you find the best features to power your analytics? Our search platform solves for this by combining an ecommerce-like faceted and keyword search capability with an AI-enabled recommendation engine to quickly find the features most relevant to your analyses.

Slide data feature selection
data governance

Data Catalog & Governance

Our data cataloging system tracks everything you need to know about every feature, including its source, calculations, data statistics, terms of use, and price. Just click to buy or select to use if you already own it, no negotiations required.

Data Monetization

We offer a controlled governed system for monetizing your data assets, including fees management, payment collection, subscription management, revenue management and price management.
data monetization
data access controls

Access Control

Tight access controls allow sellers to offer features only to trusted companies. Access can be managed at the provider, source and feature levels by user and with Whitelists & Blacklists by industry, company, and individual. Approval processes are available to limit feature access to authorized individuals.

Data Publication

Our publication engine automatically harmonizes selected features into analytic data sets which can be downloaded as CSV files, pushed to your S3 bucket or shared within your Snowflake data lake instance. These publications persist and can be programmed to automatically update based on different criteria.

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API Enabled

API’s allow integrated programmatic control of all functions: loading features, feature selection, feature acquisition, publication, and initiation of data sharing of a live publication, etc.

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